​We've uploaded our severe weather video clips to our YouTube channel called :  Storm Focus

To go to our Storm Focus Youtube Channel, simply click on the link below :


On our Storm Focus YouTube channel we have all types of severe weather video clips like tornadoes.  So if you're looking for video 
clips of tornadoes, click here:  http://www.stormfocus.com/Tornadoes

Over the years, our team of storm chasers have filmed many video clips of lightning.  So if you are looking  for amazing video clips
of lightning and lightning strikes, click here:  http://www.stormfocus.com/Lightning

Each year, our storm chasers get hit with all types of hail.  Usually it's pea-sized to golfball size hail, but in the last three years
our tornado chasers have been getting hit with baseball and grapefruit size hail.  If you're searching for huge hail video clips like
baseball  sized hail, click on this link:  http://www.stormfocus.com/Hail

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